Default Volume Directory For Each Container

I am an entire new to docker and I comprehend the way default container volumes are made. container volumes are within/var/lib/docker/volumes. would i be able to change the default volume catalog for every holder, to an directory/partition of decision on the host framework?

If you’re installing Discourse by itself, you shouldn’t need to worry about the internals of Docker. Exactly how are you trying to set up your install and why?


Installing Discourse haven’t helped me a lot to Use less space in-order to maintain specific volume for each & delete orphaned volumes in Docker containers. so could you help me with that??

If you are low on disk space, try running /var/discourse/launcher cleanup to clean up old containers first.
If you really want, you can use symlinks to move Docker’s storage or the shared folders used by Discourse to a different volume, but this isn’t recommended.

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