Delay in WP Discourse comments appearing

I have seen comments work, they are made on Discourse and show under the Blog article, but not consistently, I keep trying to find the reason, did using block vs standard editor, or post format type, I go over the settings, but can not figure it out, here are the settings I have, I hope someone has an answer than can help me to get this to work 100% of the time it really is a nice feature.

Thank you

Hey @Full30,

Happy to help you with that. Could you elaborate on what you mean by “not consistently”? Perhaps give an example of the comments not working as you expect (ideally with a live website)?

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Thank you, I just went to grab a couple examples and see one article that I figured was not working just populated today with replies from yesterday, about a 20 hour delay which is no issue for me it worked.

This one is an example of one that did not populate replies:


It was done after another which did work, now I am new to this and its not to say I did not cause this somehow, the fact replies came in today makes me hopeful thats the case and that its all good now, IDK and appreciate any input.

Thank you.

I’m glad it’s working for you! There may be a delay in comments appearing for a few reasons:

  1. There’s a default sync period of 10 minutes (i.e. the plugin will only pull new replies from Discourse every 10 minutes)

  2. Your site’s caching solution will affect when comments appears.

What caching solution are you using?

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I’m unaware of there even being such a thing, do I use a plug-in for that?

I’m new to WP with only one other site I help manage, this one has only ever been used as a blog and does not contain much at all on the back end, can you advise any good solutions to the cache issues?

One thing I’ve noted, not sure if it relates, this is not always present


as in I don’t always see it on my screen at work, both of those screencaps are this morning
I assume its related to WP but don’t actually know

Thanks so much

Not necessarily. It depends who you’re hosted with. First ask your hosting provider about site caching. Failing that google “wordpress cache plugin” and you’ll find some good advice and plugin suggestions.

That’s not related to Wordpress. You’ll see some UI elements from the profiler in Discourse if you’re an admin.

Let’s close off this support topic as I don’t think you have an issue with WP Discourse comments. But always happy to help with other WP Discourse issues if you come across any in the future.

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