Delete Bookmark? Rewording Bookmark Actions

I went to go remove a bookmark and the options gave me pause.


In this case, both “Edit” and “Delete” and the corresponding symbols are already used in this area but are currently hidden behind the ...

So for a moment, I was confused about what exactly I was editing or deleting, the post or the bookmark? Being a Discourse expert it was just a momentary lapse :sunglasses: but I do wonder if a less capable user would be more confused?

And on the topic, I find the “Delete” in red to be a bit intense. Removing a bookmark is a very common action that is usually a positive thing (like checking off an item on a checklist), only affects a single user and doesn’t really have the permanence that a “delete” would suggest.

And after the action is triggered we see this:


Which is now… green?? Is this a scary action or a good one?

I propose to change the text to “Edit bookmark” and “Unbookmark” or “Remove bookmark”

In which case, the reference to “Delete” here should probably also be changed.

Thoughts? I will say I do like the updated bookmark UI in general though :slight_smile:


On the mobile layout, it indicates the bookmark as the menu section, so at least the mobile users have a clue about bookmarks. An idea could be to edit the UX for desktop Discourse to have this same title as on the mobile version.

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I agree, “remove” is a little less scary and helps make a clear separation from “delete” for posts — this is the wording browsers tend to use with bookmarks.


I noticed the following too

Double notification when something is bookmarked (triple if you count the bookmark icon color change). Seems like overkill.

This blue layout header thing does not seem standard across Discourse and looks like something that can be pressed (ie. Bookmark as a verb not a noun). I think removing it and just changing the wording of the two actions would improve the ux

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After bookmarking something, the message has a green tick that says ‘Bookmarked!’. Then, when pressing the all-red button ‘Delete’, there is the message ‘Bookmark deleted!’ with a green trash icon.
Following most places, the trash icon should be red, no? If the tick if in green, to acknowledge the bookmark, shouldn’t the deletion of it show a red trash icon in red?

Success message (unusual):

Deletion message (wrong):

Similar mention (although topic is about something different):


@NateDhaliwal moving your topic here so we can consolidate bookmark UX feedback into one topic for our designers :pray:t2:


I think the reason it is green is to confirm that the action has been completed.

I see. Although, I find the green trash icon looking odd (we all see red trash icons, not green ones). I feel (this is just an opinion) that the text ‘Bookmark deleted!’ is sufficient to show that the bookmark has been deleted, so the green colour is not that supportive.
If needed, it could be substituted with a green tick? Or would that be a change for the worse?

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