Move summary button to topic footer and other reorganization

Continuing the discussion from Feedback on our simplified topic map experiment

What about Moving summarize

Pick an Icon For Topic Controls(maybe replace word Control with svg icon)

Move Notify Bell as Symbol up to inline with Topic Controls. Change bookmark to hollow Bookmark symbol(goes solid when bookmark made). Shrink Reply to Reply Symbol with “+” beside it instead of word reply.

What are the problems you are addressing in your suggestions? I think that would help with the context of why you are suggesting these things.


Streamlining and better organization of links.

As shown in sample. Topic map items are together with topic controls inline replacing text here and there to use symbols.

For example ppl know the bookmark symbol so do we need the word bookmark? Mouse have can work for tip. Notification can also be simplified to Hollow Bell default with dropdown/hover. Or small?bubble beside

Do they, really?

What mouse? I don’t use such one, neither 90% of my users, including big corporate CEOs.

Those actions that is used very often must be visible, not hidden behind something.

It is fairly common used on it’s own in the UI and many other places I have seen this used as the hollow with the solid indicating it is “Bookmarked”. So not really needed have an additional label. Pressing the symbol pulls up the bookmark menu.

FB & Reddit call the Bookmark symbol Save as in Save page. So yes quite commonly used.

Actions most commonly used are recognized by the symbols used. Click on the bell the dropdown gives the symbols with names. Reply doesn’t need the work reply as it is not used on the individual posts which is the same with bookmark.

If these were new unknown not common features used ie completely new.

Again, is it? It was earlier, but is nowadays among app-users? I asked from two different services and

  • most of users don’t use bookmarks anymore (I stopped bookmarking in browsers at least 10 years ago and I’m not alone)
  • quite many did not know that icon; those who knew were (by stetson statistic) over 40 years old and/or used e-book reader

There is two universal truth that quite often is forgotten or bypassed in dev- and IT-smart communities:

  • mobiles are more common that laptops and big/multiscreen desktops are quite rare in the meaning that is used in large scale than just for gaming
  • people aren’t IT-smart and they don’t know how to use browers, and that’s why google is the most common way to reach a website

I mean it is allways dangerous plan UX in that way what nerds and planner him/herself, or for all gods sake coders, are using something :joy:

And again — the most used actions must be visible, and that is the biggest questionmark: how to measure and do that, because for example Meta and my community are from totally different reality.

Then you will need to modify the post menu to include the labels as well.

None of those are labeled. Even adding a help ? Bubble could call up a help model to explain these common everywhere symbols. :wink:

By that idea of non tech ppl. You will also need to add words like settings to the Gear & wrench menus. And word Emoji.

Making these things selectable as options harms nothing. Even using theme component to have option or fall back. As some for example didn’t like pm bubbles(not sure why)

I do agree that changes always have people who prefer to keep it the way it was vs new directions.

A few changes prior to the experimental admin side bar has at times made it challenging to find an admin function I use often. Like the User admin settings. Now on the profile page as a Gear beside the wrench. Where before I could just click on the user card and be taken directly to the admin page for the user. So now an extra step to get there.

This is where possible a fallback option should be in place. Many may want to keep the admin interface as it is due to muscle memory using it vs a new interface that will have a learning curve for long time admins/mods of discourse software.