Delete my account with the console


I have a weird issue with a Discourse forum, and I didn’t fine a solution by myself: I installed a forum, I have access to the console but I don’t run it. I asked to the current admin to delete my account because I don’t want to be involve in this mess, but he refuses.

Usually I would be fine letting my account in a forum without using it, but the admin like to Impersonate every account (like mine, or discobot) to post weird stuff, and I really don’t like it. I tried to talk some sense with this person but I don’t trust him at all.

I would prefer to delete my account permanently. I didn’t find a way via Discourse with an admin account, or even a developper’s account (with the function Impersonate) to do it properly.

Is there a way to do it with the console, without messing up the database?

I know the basic stuff (./launcher enter app then rails c) but not the exact command to do.

Thanks, it would relieve me a lot!

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@neil mentioned this command in a message earlier today. I’d wait for him to confirm this does what you’d like, and you’ll likely need to modify the command:, delete_posts: true)

Yes that command will do it. If you want the system user to do it:'...'), delete_posts: true)

I thought an admin could not impersonate another admin user?

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Thanks neil I’ll try tonight :+1:

@michaeld : I wasn’t a developper account at the time, he could’ve demoted me during his jokes

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Admins can’t demote other admins.
And you also say

which is impossible as well… weird story.

I just checked and a admin with developer access can impersonate anyone, including admin accounts

edit: worked perfectly, thanks @neil and @jomaxro - this is a relieve