Delete sso with api

how to delete sso record with api? I am using the discourse and I am changing the external_id, how can I clear the old records of this without losing my user and posts.

Maybe just delete all of the SSO records once from the rails console and let them reconnect by the email address? I can’t remember for sure which table you’re looking for, but it might be something like


I think that there are some other topics about this issue. Have you searched?

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The external_id that is passed from the SSO provider is expected to never change. If it’s possible, you should avoid changing your user’s external_id values.

As long as you are not setting the SSO parameter require_activation to true, you can delete all SSO records as Jay mentioned. To do this, enter your site’s console and run:


Before doing this, you need to be sure that you are not setting require_activation to true in the SSO payload. If this parameter is being set, users will not be found based on their email address the next time they login to the site. Instead of that happening, they will get an error when they try to login.

If the require_activation parameter is not being set to true, users will be found based on their email address the next time they login to Discourse. A new SSO record will be created for them at this time. If any user’s email addresses are out of sync between your SSO provider site and Discourse, they will run into issues the next time they login to Discourse. You can find some details about fixing those issues here: Debugging and fixing common SSO issues.

If you are going to run the command I posted above, be sure to create a backup of your site’s database before running the command. If anything goes wrong, you can restore the backup file.


my discourse forum is the STANDARD plan is it possible to have access to the rails console in the plan? if so how should i proceed?

Send an email to or @support to get the above command run.