Where could I find the sso specific user settings in my postgres discourse db (e.g. sso_username, sso_email; external_id)

I would like to delete sso specific values of an individual discourse user direct in the postgres database. I did not find information where this user information is stored (table,column).

Hope that someone (devs/mods) could help me.

What problem are you trying to solve?

You might do something like

./launcher enter app
rails c
sso=SingleSignOnRecord.find_by(user_id: u.id)

but I didn’t look at what the SingleSignOnRecord really looks like.


Thanx lot. That’s definitely a good idea wiping sso sets through rails console! That’s more secure than direct postgres access (database consistency ;-).

That was THE hint I need to solve my issues. Lot’s of cudos/carma points to you Jay


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