Delete Topic/Thread by author?

Hi, is there any option to give the user/authors of a thread or theme the possibility to delete their own theme/thread?
Or is this only possible for moderation/administrators?

THX, Gwen

Hi Gwen,

If I read your question correctly, and if my best guess is correct, then the following should be the case:

  • If a user creates a topic that hasn’t had any replies to it, it can be deleted.
  • If a user creates a topic that does have a reply to it, it can only be deleted by staff.

I may be wrong but this is what I know based on experience! :grin:

Hi @Gwendoline_Berlin,

Users can delete their own posts whenever they so wish. However, topics are different. As @HamMan2118 pointed out. A flag should be submitted to the moderators to delete the topic. The reasoning behind this is so that so valuable discussions are not lost by users deleting an entire topic.