Deleted posts from Akismet do not notify user

We have a discourse hosting at the following domain: and we have been using Discourse for about 4 months now.

Here is a problem our users have faced, which is leaving a bad experience:

If a post gets detected as spam by Akismet, there is no message to the end user saying the post is under moderation. Instead, a screen like this pops up:

Most of the users think that there is some error and end up re-posting, which ends up in Akismet again. A simple solution to this should be giving a message saying that the post is under moderation.

Just a bad experience at end user. Are other people facing this challenge?


Its a good point, this only happens if we detect the OP (first post) is spam.

@eviltrout what are our plans here, will this be resolved once the pre-moderation stuff is merged into akismet?

No, when we popped a dialog on every Akismet check it caused massive usability issues. If the issue is specific to new topics, and only those topics that are detected by Akismet as spam, it should be very narrow.

The anti-virus like behavior of

  1. Wait for the thing to exist
  2. Scan it
  3. Quarantine it if scan fails (proactively delete it)

Seems to be most correct here.

I have definitely seen users re-post the same information as many as 5 or 10 times when this happens, though. And it leads to a big pile up of duplicate posts that you have to approve, all of them, as not-spam, and then go delete the dupes manually. So it would be good to do something, maybe send them a PM when this happens? Cc: @eviltrout

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Great news: the latest version of the plugin does this!