What happened to post stomped by Akismet?

Hi all,

A TL0 user posted something with two links in it a week ago. It was approved by an admin the same day. However, the user then got a notice that the post was flagged by Akismet, and it still can’t be seen anywhere in the system.

I cannot, for the life of me, see how to rescue the post from Akismet Purgatory. It shows in /review as approved, and I can’t find any other Akismet-specific queue in the system. How do I find and approve the post?

If it helps/matters, my site (forum.unseenjapan.com) is on Hosted Discourse.

I am not following? The screenshot you posted says all new posts by new users must be manually approved, nothing about Akismet?

So we did that and approved the post. The user then got this email:

So the post is “approved” according to moderation, but is still not visible anywhere on the site, and doesn’t show up as something we can flag as “not spam” on the /review page.

So…where’d it go? :face_with_monocle:

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So what you are saying is this got double processed, first by Akismet which blocked it, and then by the mandatory new user post approval process? Any ideas here @eviltrout?

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Correct - and filed into some waste bin that I can’t seem to find :expressionless:

So the sender re-submitted the post, it got flagged by Akismet, and now I approved it, so it’s showing up.

It seems this may be a bug where the first post from an L0 user is flagged for admin, AND it gets flagged by Akismet. It gets double-flagged, as you say, but the approval only clears one flag, and the post disappears into Admin Limbo. Might be worth trying to repro and digging in further.

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Agreed, @eviltrout will have a look on Monday.

I think part of the confusion here is that “Approved” means “I agree with Akismet marking it as Spam.”

I logged into your forum and found the Akismet spam post. It looks like the staff member hit “Confirm Spam” so the akismet item was approved and in this case the post was deleted.

Regarding the double queuing, that is a separate issue. @Roman_Rizzi I don’t think Akismet should be triggered if a post was already approved by staff. Can you adjust the plugin so that doesn’t happen?


Yes, let’s confirm this before the release @Roman_Rizzi

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Just did the necessary changes. We’ll no longer create an Akismet reviewable if the post already has a queued post reviewable :+1: .