Akismet and Discourse default spam detection behavior on the review page

I very often (almost every day) encounter this:

On the second user deletion, there is this message:

An error occurred: The requested URL or resource could not be found.

Because the reviewed post belongs to the user (detected by Akismet) I previously deleted.

I review posts and users very quickly because they are almost always obviously spam, so I don’t really check if I’m reviewing a user or a post.

It would be nice if deleting a user on this page would delete the reviewable post of this user at the same time instead of keeping the post to be reviewed.

I put the #akismet tag because I believe this behavior occurs when both Discourse and Akismet detect spam behavior.


It makes sense that deleting a user would delete all of their stuff. This seems like a bug, or a #feature

I explained it badly: the post is indeed deleted, it’s just that the page isn’t updated in real-time to reflect that the deleted user’s post has been deleted as well when we deleted the user.

More an UX thing. There are several other things like this where the page isn’t properly updated after an action.

A bit like Immediately after creating a new category, pasting a link in new topic's title doesn't automatically fill the title and the post content

Or, more similar:

If we are in an admin view of a user, and we can’t delete the user because he has posts, if we click on the “Delete all pots” button, the button to delete the user won’t appear until we force a page reload.

But that’s a very tiny issue and I don’t see it being addressed.

However, the issue which my present topic is about is slightly more annoying when we review a lot of users/posts in a row (every day!) because of the error message.

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Oh. So if you reload, it’s right. It’s just not shoved down the message bus. That is ux. I was surprised that it wouldn’t be deleted since it seemed like something that rails would handle.

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