Feature Request: Making 'reserved usernames' check the censored and blocked words list

It seems redundant to have a set of blocked and censored words, and yet a new user is able to choose a username which contains a word which is on one of those lists.

I suspect that the reasons to block a word in a post and the set of reserved usernames are pretty different to most people. Redundant though it may seem, you’ll need to add those words to reserved usernames if you want users not to claim them.

OTOH, if a user registers an account with a word that you think is inappropriate, it could be a good way to know to just ban that user from the start. :slight_smile:


It is not a bad idea but not convinced auto entry is the right way to go here.

Lol, absolutely. However we’re expecting thousands to join the forum in the week that it goes live, and it will be extra work finding those users.

Maybe a feature request to upload a list of reserved usernames?

You could do that via the API or the rails console.

Is it possible to block any names that contain a given substring?

Have a look at reserved usernames. It accepts a wildcard.