Deleted User's Reactions stay

A little bit ago, a user joined my forum to react to 800+ posts with a nerd emoji.

I deleted the user, but all of their reactions still exist on posts.
When hovering over it, the only thing that happens is I get a loading spinner.

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Hello, yes I think this is for the same reason then this.


Just to revisit this - I’ve had a run-through on my test site with a test user and once the user was deleted their reactions disappeared too.

My basic step-by-step:

  • As test user, react to some posts
  • As admin, delete the test user’s account
  • Refresh, and check previously reacted to posts
  • Reactions are no longer there

By any chance, did your issue resolve itself @darkpixlz?

Almost instant update: They came back when I then added a Like from another user to test out the linked topic above. I also ran Jobs::EnsureDbConsistency from the sidekiq page to see if that would shift them, but it did not. :thinking:

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I’ll check when my sites are up again, might not be for a while because of something really dumb :grimacing: