Deleting a user does not destroy the single sign on record

We have the situation where we use single sign on, and a record got created with the wrong email address.

I believe if we delete the user and recreate them again (with the correct email address) via the API sync_sso method the problem will resolve.

However this doesn’t work, the deleted user gets resurrected.

Eyeballing the code it doesn’t look like the UserDestroyer destroys any related SingleSignOnRecord instances, which I think explains this.

Should the UserDestroyer destroy SingleSignOnRecords? Is there a use case where we would not want this to happen?

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Not sure, this is a question for @sam I think.

Its actually destroying, do you have a repro test case:

No, this is my mistake, you are right that it deletes the SSO record. I had a slightly different issue, but don’t thinks it’s a bug.

Thanks for looking :smile:

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