Deleting or dismissing private messages

(Charles Walter) #1

Some of our users are asking whether there’s the ability to delete (or dismiss) a private message. Is this something that exists? I can try to get more input on why users are asking for this feature (i.e. there inbox is getting out of hand, they don’t want a record of a discussion, etc.), but I’m just wondering if this type of featured has been discussed for now.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

If they deleted the PM topic, it would be deleted for both users. (or all users if it was a group PM)

(Jonathan Pautsch) #3

You mean essentially removing themselves from the To line?

I’ve definitely found myself needing this on other forums, but those communities were pretty trigger-happy with PMs, so not sure how useful it’d be here for all communities.

In that community, people would frequently send mass PMs to lots of people, almost like an annoying mailing list, and I couldn’t remove myself from the conversation at all. Was very frustrating.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

In the above case you could mute the topic.

If you delete a PM topic, you have deleted it for all users, as I originally said…

(Charles Walter) #5

Thx for the responses. For now, I was just wondering what the options are. I think we may just need to get users accustomed to the new behavior. Many of the users are coming from a Lithium based experience where they had a more traditional email-like inbox where they could delete messages they no longer wanted to see. I’m hoping it’s just a question of users learning that this is a more standard way of messaging on message boards.

Note that FB and Twitter both have a “delete this conversation” option within their private messages. My hunch is that users expect a level of privacy when it comes to private messages, and if that means deleting/suppressing messages so that someone who accidentally gets into their account cannot see them, that would make sense. Also, as more messages come in, some potentially spammy as @jspautsch has witnessed on other communities, people may want to try to maintain a cleaner private messages list.

I think we’ll have users asking for things that will have a larger impact on usage, but this topic may surface again.

(Kane York) #6

Spam PMs can be flagged for the admins to delete and ban the spammer.

(Bill Snider) #7

Is there a way to batch delete private messages? I have a user that’s been around for years, and wants to get rid of his old pm’s.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Not that I can think of other than visiting his profile and viewing his messages tab. How many are there? Note that deleting the topic will delete it for all users involved in the pm though.

(Bill Snider) #9

The user that’s asking has well over a thousand pm’s. I’m sure that he won’t want to go through them individually and flag them. Thanks.


Is there a way to “uninvite” myself from a private conversation? Maybe in the top trust levels? This way it would look like I deleted the topic from my feed, without deleting it for the other participants.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #11

I do not think it is currently possible for a non-mod or admin to remove a user from a PM conversation. As suggested above, you can mute the conversation so you do not receive notifications about it.