Deleting subcategories

I’ve moved all topics from an old category with subcategories, to a new category without subcategories. I want to delete the old (now empty) category. But it won’t delete because the subcategories are still present, and I don’t see an obvious way to delete the subcategories. What am I missing? Thanks!

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Before you can delete the parent category, you need to delete its subcategories. If you open the edit modal window for one of the subcategories, you should see a ‘Delete Category’ button. Try clicking that button. If the subcategory can’t be deleted, you should see a message that tells you why it can’t be deleted. Follow the instructions in that message and then try deleting the subcategory again.


Got it. Didn’t realize I needed to delete each one (more than 30!) individually. All done successfully. Thanks again!


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