How to delete a category?

I found several search results for this questions, but none of them answered to my question.

In traditional forum software you delete/configure in the admin panel.

In Discourse, as I understood, creating is done on the page were you click on Categories from the Top page.
I can’t figure out how to remove a category name, I don’t see the remove button…


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If you can delete the category, there should be a red “delete this category” button on the bottom right corner. On the other hand, if you can’t delete the category, then there will be the reason why you can’t.


Go to a category, like ```

Find the “Edit” button in the top right and click it.

In the bottom right of the pop-up screen you’ll find the delete-button, if the category is ready for deletion that is. If the category still holds topics or sub-categories, you may not delete it until they’re all moved elsewhere or also deleted.


If you click on the “list” icon near the upper left

checkboxes will appear next to the topics. After you check one or more of them a “wrench” icon will appear near the upper right. If you click that, you will have the option to “change category” (move) or delete the topics (and a few other choices).

AFAIK - untested - once the category is devoid of topics it can then be deleted.