How do I Delete a Category and Subcategory?

I have searched Google, here in the “Docs” section, and by searching globally on this site and I can’t find an answer to my question. Admittedly, I am brand new to Discourse, and I have even found several people (from a Google search), that tell me that there is a “Categories” section when clicking ADMIN > SETTINGS, but I can’t find a “Categories” tab or section anywhere. I’m being hosted by, if that makes a difference, and I’m officially using the “Air Theme”. ANY help would be DEEPLY appreciated.

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Hello and welcome @HisFocus :slight_smile:

You can delete categories and subcategories from their category wrench menu. If you navigate to a category (eg. /c/general/4) you should see the wrench in the top right:

In there you should see the ‘delete category’ button on the general tab:

You would need to delete any subcategories first, as well as move any existing topics into other categories (apart from the About one), before it will let you perform the delete.

Does that help?


Thank you SOOOOO much for your quick response, however, I can’t figure out how to delete a Sub-Category. I have no posts in the subcategory.


I figured it out! Thank you again, for you help! I clicked on the wrench like you said, then clicked on the list of categories on the top left and did a SEARCH for the name of the sub-category, selected it, and then deleted it.


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