Deleting the About topics

When deleting a post, it will delete the topic itself too, if there was only 1 post, correct?

I have noticed that this does not allow the system topics/posts to be deleted. E.g if i want to delete the about topic for category eg About the Insurance category - How To Discuss

Or may-be it was auto created by system/admin, and there is no option to permanelt delete it. And there is not even any option to change ownership of system created topics for deleting them.

I think i will have to either delete them manually using

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
Post.where(topic_id: 15610).destroy_all
Topic.find_by(id: 15610).destroy!

OR i would have to UN LIST the topic. If i unlist, it will only be visible to admins and not to anyone else, right?

Actually facing this Google spam penalty issue, that’s why need to clean my site and delete all duplicate or thin content from my site in bulk. Also wondering if there is any way to find all low word count thin content on my entire discourse site?

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@Moin I actually followed your advice and unlisted all of them.

But whenever i delete any topics using the above console code i shared, all these about this category topics again get created.

Now i have to unlist them again, is there any way to permanently delete these so they don’t get created again?

Google has given my site thin content penalty due to these issues.

Google is detecting duplicate content on all of these. how do i fix this?

Writing those descriptions for example?


No, they’re necessary for a category to function, the existing text is placeholder and should always be tailored.

You need to write unique category descriptions for every publicly available category on your site.

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I’m not sure I’m following you. If you unlist them, you don’t have your issue anymore, right? No need to delete them.

When i did unlist them, after some time, they start to show again and get listed automatically, don’t know why. I wanted them to permanently unlist. Is there anyway to permanently unlist these or permanently delete these?

Weird :thinking:
Unlisting About topics was advised by @JammyDodger here:

I did a test in my forum, I triggered pretty much all the Sidekiq tasks and my About topic kept being hidden from regular users.