Deleting Unused Tags


We have the option in Discourse to delete all unused tags that aren’t attached to topics or personal messages. However, this criteria should also be extended to tags that are part of tag groups. I have a bunch of tags that I need to delete in bulk which aren’t part of any tag groups, topics, or personal messages. I have no way to delete them other than by doing it one by one.


Hmm, I agree with this, what do you think @neil?


I don’t follow…

Does that button not delete tags that belong to a group? You’re saying that you can’t delete tags that are not part of any tag groups?

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I’m saying I don’t want to delete any tags that are part of groups. I want to purge all tags that are not part of any topics, personal messages, or belong to any tag groups.

Are you saying that if I purge all the tags, the tag groups with the tags will still be saved?


Sorry, I understand now. Yes I agree that tags that belong to groups should not be automatically deleted.


Will this be implemented in a future update?

I fixed this issue today. Tags that belong to tag groups won’t be deleted when you “Delete Unused Tags.”