Dependabot keeps opening PRs on my Github fork

I filed a Github PR; in the course of doing so, I created a fork, and pushed it to Github.

Since then, I keep getting spam from dependabot, opening PRs on my fork, inviting me to upgrade outdated dependencies. These dependencies have nothing to do with my PR, and I would like not to receive further notifications from dependabot.

How do I make dependabot stop spamming me?

P.S. I can’t make my fork private, because I want my PR branch to be public.

P.P.S. My PR has been open/unreviewed for a couple of weeks now; I sure would like that PR to be reviewed so I can privatize/delete my fork…

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It’s a known problem with dependabot. I usually ignore the PRs opened by the bot and disable notifications for my forked repositories at