Forks of official repos still marked as official

A client forked discourse-rss-polling and I installed that. :tada:

But it looks like I still have the official version installed:


I’ll leave as an exercise seeing that the commit listed isn’t one in the repo. When I mouse-over the plugin, I can see that it links to the forked repo.


Hmm what do we make of this one @sam?

It is certainly a bug I guess a simple fix is to ensure the plugin always comes from discourse org in github to be marked official

Technically though you could still cheat quite easily

Searching that a specific sha is our sha would be the only 100% accurate way, but that would require we stand up another service

Imo I would put this in the, something to fix over the next 2-3 years bucket


This caught me out recently too. The checkmark definitely misled me for a while and I did all kinds of unnecessary testing before I spotted the repo in the app.yml.

A simple fix seems quite sufficient.

Like too-short posts, the point isn’t to make it impossible to cheat the test, but just to not cheat the test by mistake. :slight_smile:

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Simplest fix here is specific to the docker manager plugin. I am not sure how I feel about running an extra git command or to go hunting for git remotes on every plugin, every time we boot.

But docker manager plugin could do that extra work and put a big red icon on official plugins that appear to be forked.

I will slot :arrow_double_up: for the next release, so it will happen over the next 6 months or so.

#pr-welcome as well if anyone wants to fiddle with docker manager.