GitHub Plugin: Support for Issues

Glad to see a PR recently added to use the GitHub API for badges thanks to @Osama.

I know that previously @codinghorror has said that issue linkback support won’t be added as Discourse doesn’t use GitHub issues but we at Home Assistant do with no plans to migrate away from GitHub issues anytime soon (no matter how much we love Discourse!). Would a PR be accepted if I submitted one to enable linkbacks for issues too? I’d be more than happy to make it opt in via a setting.


I am not against adding this as a default off option, but first i want to see a mock of how this would work.

  1. How will it look on GitHub?

  2. What site settings are you talking about adding.

  1. I think it would look exactly the same as it does on a PR. Just a comment on the issue with the same text (This issue has been mentioned on Discourse Meta. There might be relevant details there.\n\n\<link>). Maybe you are thinking of a reason that you may think that text would need to change as it’s extremely likely I am not thinking all reasons through.

  2. I’d say just one setting titled “github linkback on issues enabled” with a checkbox.


Hi there :wave: first post on the discourse meta discourse… thanks for making a wonderful product!

I’m just here to offer my :+1: for GitHub Issue linkbacks. This would be huge for my team!


Just adding my voice, would love to see this functionality to have the same kind of behaviour with Github Issues as with commits and PR’s.


I am open to a PR that adds support for something here, getting security right is tricky, we have done something in discourse code review but you need a token and you don’t want it to be your token, instead one of a throwaway github account that has no access to repos you care about.