Deprecation warnings are causing an exception

Our forum, which is hosted by Discourse, is suddenly gone - it doesn’t show any posts anymore and there’s a big JS error in the console.

Any idea what might be the issue? I was thinking it could be an issue with the theme, but I’ve checked and it’s fine as far as I can see (We still have access to the admin panel)

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We are seeing the same issue since updating to beta 12

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It seems to be due to this part of the code:


options is undefined so an exception is thrown and that crashes the whole website.


We have a repro of the issue and will be issuing a fix shortly, thanks heaps for bringing it to our attention


We reverted the change via this commit. Thanks @hithere for identifying the precise issue!

As an immediate workaround, Safe Mode should allow you to access the affected forums. That will temporarily disable any themes/plugins which are triggering the deprecation notices.

We’ll get this fix rolled out to our hosting ASAP - very likely within the next hour.


Confirming the revert fixes things. Thanks for the quick response.

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