Desktop PWA works with Discourse!

No, unfortunately. I clicked “install” and got the “app”. I searched for this topic afterwards. But I didn’t think about making a screenshot at that time. I will uninstall the app and see if I get asked again. I will publish a screenshot in this case.

EDIT: Or maybe I got confused and what I saw was the “banner” talked about in this other thread ?

What I know for sure is that I have been asked to install the “PWA”.
I’m not sure anymore how, exactly :wink:


Is there a way to complete disable the PWA support for a forum?

I think it is going to confuse more of our users than will find it useful. (We’re a tech support forum, so people visit when they need help and most won’t want a dedicated app icon; especially not one which opens a cut-down, less functional browser UI. I don’t really understand PWAs at all to be honest.)


There’s no way to disable it currently. I suspect you could overwrite the pwa-install-banner template via a theme component and it would not be displayed. cc @Falco


Yes, but the install banner is mobile only and this topic is about desktop. Can you clarify @LeoDavidson ?


Sorry, hadn’t noticed that! (Although a way to disable PWAs for desktops would be something I’d also use, if there was one. I don’t even want my forum to suggest it via the Desktop Chrome address bar, as I feel PWAs are an anti-feature.)

Will give it a try. Thanks!

Microsoft is hard at work on new Desktop PWA integrations on Windows

App Settings

Start Menu

Add / Remove Programs Menu


Latest version of Edge also themes the window header using Discourse header color:


You mean fake Chrome :wink:


I guess that makes most of the browser market a bunch of fake Google Chrome’s… :laughing:


It looks like Chrome removed the flag to disable PWAs. Is it appropriate now to add a user setting for this? As far as I know, there’s no way to dismiss the PWA suggestion in the URL bar.

Are you seriously suggesting imposing a user setting into every single user of Discourse because of this 14 pixels wide circle?


To people who find PWAs to be pointless, the constant reminder is obnoxious. I’ve literally never seen any other website utilize this before. I guess I should take your response as a “not gonna happen” though.

Now that I think about it more, I should really ask Google to add a proper setting to disable this for all websites.

Talk to Google, not us! That’s your best course of action.


Install the PWA and then delete it. That method seems to work for me.

Didn’t work. Oh well.

If one wants to legally modify one’s web browser, there are open source options out there… :wink:


Not sure I get your point. Chromium is open source. But it looks like the most popular variants all have the same bug (so clearly they didn’t tweak that behavior) and I’m not insane enough to make my own custom build of Chromium…

I think he was referring to Firefox.

Read the first sentence that’s in the onebox below. :wink:


New Edge is making the PWA prompt a little more inviting:


They finally implemented Fluent Design? That prompt looks really nice and much more inviting! :grinning:

They’re probably preparing for Windows 10X. That is going to rely heavily on the web (and more importantly, PWAs).