Diaspora* for Discourse Plugin

Has the use-case for a High-Integration [ diaspora ] + Discourse Plugin* been examined? I searched but wasn’t confident I didn’t miss something about it. The two look llke a synergistically perfect match, with the outcome greater than the sum of its parts, so to speak.

Ruby Gem or a Discourse Plugin similar to the popular . . .

Slack + Discourse Plugin is another example

Though Slack is emmensely popular, my preference is to put my energy into the social media alternative idea of diaspora*.

I would be willing to financially contribute to the development of a seamless level of diaspora* + discourse integration and by that I mean diaspora* features appear within Discourse as an integral part of each User Profile instead of an external app with a SSO Trust Relationship.

Your thoughts anybody?


Hello. I’m not very good speak English, excuse me. I’m interested in the diaspora. Is there any working examples (websites) where I could see this integration. Thank you.

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Sorry I’ve been away so long. Here is the *diaspora forum.

The SUBVS.US proposal for the Diaspora of Discourse plugin with Diasora sidebars open and Discourse selected instead of the stock Diaspora Activity Stream
Worth noting is this plugin automagically federates Discourse.

Instead of static sidebars these have Sliders ie Baby Hamburgers on each side that can be set to open and close automagically or manually. In this mockup we see the Discourse forum is “In Focus”, the Activity Stream is always a toggle away from use.

A social media button would be accessible at all times within the editor.

The iconic share buttons look and work the same on every website. All of them are connected, and I simply propose making acess to that ecosystem possible from within a Discourse paradigm.