Did not get admin registration screens after finstall

After a paid for install by the team, when I finally got round to setting up DNS and accessing the forum for the first time, I did not get the Admin Registration path when logging in for the first time.

When navigating to http://forum.mywebsite.com/finish-installation/register all I get is a blank screen.

I am therefore unable to set myself up as an Admin.

Can anyone help me?


Hey @wstudholmw is the /wizard address working for you?

Hi @Falco

No, it says it does not exist or it is private.

I assume you mean this by the way: http://forum.mysite.com/wizard

Hmm looks like that page is indeed broken, @eviltrout is taking a look.

In the mean time can you try to create an account at /signup ?

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Yes that works, but I did not get an email.

The bug I found was that if the installation was already finished (in other words, an admin existed) it would show a white page. I’ve fixed this:

However, I’m not sure why you’d see it – perhaps an admin was already created for you?


Not sure. An admin was definitely not sorted for me as the site did not recognise my address… Cannot access the site at all now from link or IP…

I think we need to bring @pfaffman in on this one as I’m not sure it’s a discourse bug or an installation issue.


Thanks, @eviltrout and @Falco.

That’s because I was enabling let’s encrypt. rebuilding Discourse, and updating the OS. I suspect all that needed to be done was to reboot, but I thought I’d do all of that while I was there.

I keep thinking it’s my imagination, but it seems like when Discourse gets started for the first time Sidekiq doesn’t get started and emails don’t get sent. I suspect that this problem might have been solved by simply rebooting. But I was wrong. . .

In this case the problem is that Mailgun hadn’t activated the account. Since @wstudholmw couldn’t log in, he couldn’t see the [Sender] 554 Please activate your Mailgun account. Check your inbox or log in to your control panel to resend the activation email. messages in the logs. I think that it used to be the case that mailgun would deliver mail to the account holder’s address, but that seems not to be the case.

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