Difference between Auto-Close and Close Temporarily

Hi, I do not understand the difference between Auto-Close and Close Temporarily. Thanks.


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When you auto-close a topic you are essentially adding a countdown before it gets closed. You can only open the topic by manual moderator intervention - pressing ‘Open Topic’

When you close a topic temporarily it will close and it will tell you when it will reopen again. It will reopen automatically.


For Close Temporarily I tried this functionality, this is the dialog box I get:


It is right now 17h23 local time, I set the topic to be closed at 6PM and I get the message that the topic will automatically open in 37mn, that is at 6PM.

Either I don’t understand how it’s working or if I understand, the prompts are incorrect. How a topic which will be closed at 6PM automatically can open at the same time? Apart if the prompt “When” would be “Until”, in that case I would understand the logic.


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If you look at your screenshot, notice it says This topic will automatically *open* in 37 minutes. The timer is to set the open time. When you Close Temporarily, the topic is closed immediately and whatever time you set it for is the time the topic reopens.


Thanks @JimPas , I guessed that but the wording “When” is so confusing.

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