Difference between Reddit and Discourse

One or both of those features would be very welcome to me (and I’m still planning to implement a threaded view as a plugin, even if it requires loading the whole damn thread).


One thing Reddit doors have going for its comments is the lack of vanity rubbish next to each user’s name, eg a list of all the components your PC is made up of.

You get a username and that’s it.


This is where maybe a Treeview option on a post might be an interesting idea to be able to switch from viewing the entire topic to seeing a chain tree that originates from a single post with option to switch back to standard flat model.

I am used to the flat model since the early days of DOS BBS programs. However in this modern age can see a benefit to be able switch to a thread model whem wanting to follow a specific flow of posts.

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Add tagline to your post and any place could have it. On Discourse there is even the Nostalgic Signatures plugin.

Now if one wants to post system specs on each post Hide Details is likely a nicer idea for a tagline as it can be less clutter this way. Depending on the forum having a user’s specs is very beneficial ie Troubleshooting pc issues, as often I know in my case usually have to ask the user to post this info. :laughing: