Different logos for light/black theme?

Hello ,
How can i add different logos for booth theme ?
I mean , for black theme a white logo (i have it already)
But for the light theme , a black logo ?

Black theme :

Light theme:

Also , is there any option to add a button for night/day mode in index , to change the theme ?


Try changing the theme here - note that there’s a partial white background included in the logo. You could do the same with an off-black background.

edit: Screenshot


Ok , i will try with the photoshop (poor skills :smiley: )
What about this :

Also , is there any option to add a button for night/day mode in index , to change the theme ?

If you check the “Theme can be selected by users” checkbox in Admin > Customize, it will show up as a link in the Hamburger menu.

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Yes i know .
But i want to add a float button on index to do that .
Its a bad idea ? Just ask . Thanks

That could likely be done via a customization, but it would involve JavaScript and some CSS to style the button. Not sure how hard it would be to do, but I imagine it shouldn’t be terribly difficult as the themes should be exposed via the API.

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I covered the technique here btw:


Am getting reports on our instance that @sam techniques (css trick) no longer works, and instead leads to double logo:

Is this a regression ? Any recommendation to mitigate this ?


The best method now is to use this theme component:


I will update the post you linked so it doesn’t confuse people in future.


Hi, is this plugin still available?

Is there currently a solution for this? The link is not available anymore @david.

You can now upload ‘dark mode’ versions of your logo in the site settings. Just head to the branding tab, and scroll down to ‘logo dark’ and ‘logo small dark’:

More information here:


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