Digest emails cutting off after one line

Hey all, just wanted to check in about something with digest emails.

I checked our Digest to see how we could improve it, and I was concerned to see that only the first line is showing up. In my settings, I have the digest min excerpt length set to 250, but it’s still cutting off.

It’s looking like this >>

Not very informative, right? Is it just because of the emojis

I’ve also noticed that sometimes only the first line of a topic is included in the digest, emoji or not.

Any ideas?

Hmm that setting isn’t used anywhere. Excerpts in emails always take the first paragraph only. I think it’s a good idea to bring back support for digest min excerpt length.



I made two fixes for this. First is that the digest min excerpt length is now used. And second is that we were counting the length of the emoji html (<img src="/long/path/to/the/image">) when calculating if the excerpt length was long enough. Same problem with links and other html. So now the summary email excerpts should be showing the correct amount of text.


Amazing, thanks for sorting this out!