Max Length of Emails on @mention Notifications


I have a small discourse forum and recently I posted a 2000+ words article to a group. To notify the group, I @ mentioned it within the post so each member receives the email within 10 minutes of post.

But when I received the email I saw the email had all the 2000+ words pasted. This can really hurt in terms of onsite engagement as user gets to see the whole content (unformatted mostly) within the email and this might decrease the chances of engagement. also poorer UX compared to on-site.

Minimum length in my Settings is 100 characters for digest emails. But I couldn’t find any setting related to MaxLen of digest/summary emails.

Maybe I missed something. So, How can I limit the max length of the email content?

You cannot limit email length but you can enable privacy mode on emails which prevents any titles or content from leaking into email.


That’s cool. thanks jeff!


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