Digist/Summary E-Mail - Topic Algo

Hi there,

I was wondering how the summary works. The way I understand it is that it looks at all threads/posts that have been created during the last 7 days and based on some magic algo it picks the most interesting ones. So far so good.

The thing I’m wondering about is, if it looks at the last 7 days, doesn’t this mean content that has been created during the last few days does have a difficult time to rank compared to content that is 7 days old. Or does the algo consider this and give a boost based on age.

My bet is that the digests do not overlap, hence topics close to (before) the scheduled digest day are probably never gonna make it.


You gotta take into considerations that digests are sent every 30 minutes, for the people who (in this last 30 minutes) completed a entire week of inactivity.

When you factor internet habits, timezones, etc, every user will complete this 7 days of inactivity in a different time.

yeah true. But in the end it comes to the same result, that half the good content is being left out due to being too new for the current run and too old (not considered) in the next run.