Need to confirm that digest mails are being sent

Hello all,

Sorry for this probably quite trivial question, but I can’t really find any resource on that here…

I see that some of my users have the setting “Email digest” set to “every 3 days” from their user preferences screen. However on my admin users screen, I see that these users have the following:

  • “last email”: 7 days
  • “last seen”: 14 days

There have been new messages in topics that they have access to… Why aren’t they getting the digest ?
Or is the digest not included in this “last email” count ?

Note : Emails digest seem to be working working correctly, at least I receive it!

Thank you in advance

I don’t think digest is included in that last email count. Check your admin, emails, sent logs to verify that digests went out as needed.


Well thank you for this tool I hadn’t seen !

Sadly, it confirms that the user I was talking about has never received any digest email since he registered, on the 22 of September…
He correctly received a “user_watching_first_post” email on the 2 of October and other unrelated and older emails.

I re-checked his settings, he is last seen on the 25th of September with digest activated “every 3 days”… Another setting I would have missed ?

Can you confirm that responses into topics of categories he has access to (even not watched nor tracked) should trigger a digest ?

I’m not aware of any issue with digests at the current time, and digests are going out across all instances I know of.

Are you sure this user has not visited the site during those three days?

As the system sees me online every day I almost never receive the summary emails.


“Last seen” would in theory cover this though.

Did you user receive other emails from Discourse in the meantime? Last time I checked, Digests weren’t sent if the user had received a regular notification within the digest period.

Indeed, he received a user_watching_first_post email for one or two topics.

Do you mean that the digest is not sent because the user received these emails, even if the user did not connect and answers were also posted in other topics than the ones he received notifications about ? :confused:

Apparently yes – I’ve asked about that a long time ago (and didn’t get an answer):

Maybe it’s time to revive that topic :slight_smile:

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Owwwww THAT is progress :slight_smile:

It would be great to have the digest be sent only considering the last seen date… As it includes news about topics the user might not follow yet!

  • my users don’t really know how to handle subscription to topics… So the digest is quite important so that they don’t miss everything (we are a small community)!

I certainly agree!

(But using the last-seen-date isn’t suitable, because it cannot be updated when sending out a Digest. We’d need to introduce an additional last-digest-sent-at date for each user, and send out digests to users where both last-seen and last-digest-sent-at are at least as many days in the past as configured.)