Digital Ocean Forum Down


I’ve been hosting a forum through Digital ocean for a while now and the forum went down today. There is nothing to suggest why the forum went down. When you try to load into the forum it says “HTTP ERROR 500”. I checked all my services and didn’t find anything, so I’m giving it a shot here. Would anyone know why this happened?

Thank You


There are quite a few possibilities. A seasoned Linux sysadmin may be able to find why by reading the machine many logs.

If you just want to get your site back up, the nuclear option is rebooting the machine and running a ./launcher rebuild app from the discourse folder.


I tried re building and it said there was no free storage. I bought more storage but I still can’t rebuild/launch the forum. Any Ideas?

Oh, that may be the reason it stopped running :laughing: .

One does not simply “buy more storage”. If you are using Digital Ocean they have a FAQ about that:


I upgraded my droplet size

But it logged me out of the console and none of my email/password loggins are working

Sounds like a problem for Digital Ocean support.