Digital Ocean Now allow to install discourse with one click

Today, when I want to install discourse on my other website, I found that DigitalOcean now allow user to install Discourse in One-Click App.

Only interested in knowing, what way should I use to install discourse as I can install through SSH.
But, installing through 1click app- will save a lot of time.

What discourse team would suggest regarding this.

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Their one-click app is just fine, so long as you upgrade it immediately afterwards to ensure it is on latest. Also, please note, that everytime you SSH into the machine, it might re-start the installation process and you have to use CTRL + C to exit out (since Discourse is already installed).


I was curious about one thing on these one-click install, how do they configure the emails ?

Did it come with some kind of pre-configuration, or you have to do it manually yourself ?

I think it’s the only part that can be tricky on a discourse install

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I think Email isn’t configured at all in 1 click install.

A super user (whose email validation is pending or not needed) is created with the instructions to configure Email first of all other chores.

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