How to work with discourse?


I just installed and configured discourse.

Now I need to make some changes in

But, when I connect with the server, it keeps on asking me to install!!!

Thanks for using the DigitalOcean Discourse Application Image.
To get started, the following configuration details will be required.

- Email Address for the Discourse Admin Account
- The hostname (domain or subdomain) you will use for Discourse
- Details for the SMTP server your Discourse install will use to send email

Please press enter when you are read to configure discourse.

I don’t want to re-install. I just want to make some changes like, removing one admin etc.

Please guide me how this works?


Ah, you used Digital Ocean’s One-Click install, just press CTRL+C to get out of that process and into the shell.


Thank you. I will have a try.

Before getting your reply, I clicked few enters (without giving values to admin email, smtp etc) to get into shell. Does this will make any problem? I just exit without doing anything and posted topic here.

My fear is, if this blank data is stored on the server, and the next time I rebuild, that will make issues…

I’m I correct? Please advise.


I don’t know if that resulted in a problem or not. After using CTRL + C, open the app.yml

nano /var/discourse/containers/app.yml

Check to see if the values have been blanked out, if they did, yeah, pressing enter caused an issue. Otherwise, you should still be okay.