Disable all outgoing emails

Is there any way to disable all outgoing emails?
I saw there are a few other topics but I didn’t really find any proper reply.

The reason we want to disable outgoing emails is because of mail limits.
With a lot of users we’ll be sending way too many emails which is gonna cost a lot because we’re using an external mailing provider.

I’ve already disabled the setting which sets the default settings but users will still be able to modify it.
Currently I’ve hidden the settings through CSS but it’s a really hacky solution and I don’t see why there wouldn’t be a setting for this.
Maybe I missed it but when I search for mail I can’t really find anything that I need.
If there is no setting for it yet could you consider adding this?
Maybe for each email template a setting to disable that type of email.

Do a search for disable emails in Admin > Settings

However, please realize unless you use SSO, this prevents password resets and new signups as they can’t verify their account as no email gets sent.

You might be able to use CSS to hide the preference fields so it is harder for them to alter them. Or setup a regular task to update the database reseting the values back to what you want.


Sweet, thanks for that!
I’m using SSO yeah so I don’t really need any outgoing emails.
I wouldn’t mind sending private message notifications but oh well.

I already set display none to the email settings before but it was kinda an hacky fix.

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