Seeing unexpected message even logged out (Outgoing email has been disabled for non-staff users.)

I am seeing Outgoing email has been disabled for non-staff users. on all pages of our Discourse instance, even for logged out users.
For now, I have hidden it with CSS - but this was not there “before” (before being before a couple days ago).

  1. Why is that message there?
  2. How can it be removed properly?
  3. Why is email even disabled? Of course, we would like email to work for anyone logged in, not just staff

Thanks for any hints.

There is a site setting, disable emails:

Screenshot 2022-10-25 at 01-56-46 Admin - Sandbox Discourse Kit

Switching that to no will send out email as expected, and will not show the banner in question. If that is suddenly showing, perhaps the setting was set on accident, or an admin is do some maintenance.

Check that setting, first. :slight_smile:


I did a backup re-instantiation. Could it be that this setting gets enabled automatically when doing so?


That’ll be it. :+1: Email is automatically disabled for non-staff users when you restore a backup.


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