Disable "Automatic About page when creating a new Category"

Is there a way to disable or delete automatically generating about page whenever creating a new category?

No, this is required.


You can unlist it. Click the wrench at the upper right.


Yes, I am doing this everytime. Thank you for the response. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For a site with hundreds of categories I wrote a script that did it to all of them at once.

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Can you share that script?

Out of interest, why is this Page required?
One can unlist the page like the other two people in this topic, but it still appears in the API, altough it isn’t used.
Wouldn’t it make more sense then, to have it deletable?

It is where the category description is stored.

It didn’t seem like it when categories were first conceived. Most sites want to be able to pin the category description. It comes up very rarely as a problem, so no, it wouldn’t make sense.