Disable core plugin at startup

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Is there a way to disable a core plugin at startup? I would like to disable the Chat plugin.


hi @stevejr :wave: chat isn’t a separate plug in anymore and is part of core Discourse is bundled as part of core. It can be disabled by unchecking admin-settings-chat enabled.

Thanks @Lilly.

Is there a way to disable it at startup rather than post-startup via the admin console?

I have an issue with an upgrade and I would like to test having Chat disabled at startup.


just disable it and restart the server? i’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish. I suppose you can disable it in rails but not sure why you’d need to do that. it’s just a setting and part of core now, not a plug in.

Are you having issues with another plug in or something? what are you upgrading that you think is affected by chat?

The reason for disabling it is related to another post I opened - Discourse v3.0.6 to v3.1.1 upgrade error - undefined method `register_bookmarkable' for Bookmark:Class

I know my install is not supported and that’s ok but the way the upgrades work is to deploy a new instance of discourse with the latest version. Due to this I need to disable Chat in the startup flow rather than post startup.

Hope that makes sense.

Looks like maybe I can set chat_enabled to false in my site settings which hopefully will disable it.


Chat is still a plugin, it’s just shipped with core now, see:


yea I meant to update my post. Jammy since reminded me they are"bundled" plugins still. In my head I tend to think of plugins being separate like theme components.