Disable "New advice on your site dashboard" inbox spam

Hi, I’m getting a new message from system in my admin inbox every week since upgrading, saying there’s “New advice on your site dashboard”.

It mentions a message on my admin dashboard that I’ve seen several times before and decided not to take action on. So the automated message is irrelevant to me, and the repetition is irritating, to put it lightly.

So how can I turn this off? Can I block the system user from doing this in the future?


As far as I know there’s no way to disable this. Once per week, if there are any notices on the dashboard you will be alerts. Best solution is to resolve the suggestion noted on the dashboard :smiley:.


Many of the admin notifications are frequent support topics here on Meta. Alerting site operators as to these discrepancies actively reduces the number of requests which pop up here time and again for the same thing.

You can choose not to deal with them, but it’s in everyone else’s interest for it to keep track of missing pieces of configuration.

Over time that list expands too, so it’s probably a good idea to take the time to get your configuration in order.


I absolutely understand the need for automated processes to reduce support requests.

But distracting me with a “new notification” indicator, showing a potentially-alarming title (“3 messages in your admins inbox”), forcing me to click through, pulling me away from actually running my community, just so I can see the same message I’ve seen several times before, doesn’t seem like a great solution. This is the sort of time-wasting UX I expect to see on platforms like Facebook – not libre software I run myself :slight_smile:

So why not continue keeping track of missing pieces of configuration, but only send a system message if there is actually new advice on the dashboard, as the message purports there is?
Or let site operators make decisions for themselves and dismiss notices?
Or even show a persistent banner across the top of every page that tells the admin “x items need to be addressed on the dashboard”. This would at least be commensurate with the importance of the message, and wouldn’t be lumped in with higher-priority notifications.

FYI, this is the dashboard notice I’m being badgered about:

  • Your site is missing a 512 × 512 icon which allows users to add a homescreen shortcut to this site on Android devices. Go to the Site Settings and upload a 512 × 512 icon.

It’s not a quick fix (I need to create the graphic), and it’s not critical to my site’s operation.


I ended up fixing this by muting all messages in the Admin inbox from the dropdown at the top of the messages list.

I looked through the code a bit and found my error message getting queued up here and the inbox messages blindly being sent every week here – in case anyone wants to remove these mechanisms.

It looks like changing this behavior would be a large overhaul, so I understand not wanting to prioritize a fix.

There was an open PR here for adding a setting here.


I am a very big :-1: on it. We need this communication channel. If we are flooding it with nonsense then we should fix the nonsense, not throw out the very critical comms channel.

For the record I agree we are not doing great here nagging people every week to upload a 512x512 image. But certain things do need to go out, like urgent security updates broken facebook auth and so on.


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