Long click path for a small piece of advice

Every now and then I get a group notification so I see a (1) next to my avatar.

First click: I see a “1 message in your admins inbox” notification.

The second click takes me to /messages/group/admins and there is a “New advice on your site dashboard” message.

Opening that with a third click gives me a message stating I should visit the dashboard with a link to /admin

The fourth click, on that link, takes me to the dashboard page which then says “Updates are available for the following themes:”

Every time I fall for this I feel disappointed and tired.
How about having a notification that takes me to /admin in a single click?


About how often do you get this kind of notification about a theme update being available?

Not enough to stop falling for this every time but enough to be annoyed by it.

I guess weekly on each forum it applies to, times the amount of forums I am admin on, which is probably a bit above the average :wink: . And now I think about it, I refrain from updating specific theme components because some of them tend to break on stable.

A lower frequency would not make it less weird though.