Disable OpenGraph tags for private sites?

Our Discourse community at is set to require authentication to view any content. This works great - except for services like Slack or Dropbox Paper where they generate link previews without any useful information.

Since our link previews will never be functional, can there be a way to disable or remove the OpenGraph tags from generated pages? That way, tools like Dropbox should just show a basic link instead of replacing it.


Hi @deviantintegral :wave:

I think if you set max oneboxes per post = 0 in admin-settings, then oneboxes should be disabled and show as links.

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I think he’s thinking of things the other way around, e.g how to stop Slack from trying to unfurl a link that is shared to his Discourse site.


On sites that require login, we redirect to /login and return a 200 on secure pages.


However I am not reproducting this issue on Slack?

Not seeing unfurling here…

On Twitter I am seeing:

But this feels correct no? I should not be sharing this there anyway.

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Here’s what we get with Dropbox Paper (redacted the URL):

I would have posted the Slack example, but my account is blocked from posting more than one image which seems a little restrictive for feature and bug reports :smiley: .

Is it possible that your Slack admin has globally disabled unfurling for the domain? We can do that too, but not for other services like Paper.

Edit: Paper is actually pretty bad, because it fully replaces the URL. At least with Slack, you can read topic titles from the URL.

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You’re likely already aware, as every new member receives a link to the blog post about trust levels upon joining Meta: Once you achieve trust level 1, you have the privilege of posting multiple images. It appears you are close to fulfilling those criteria.