Disable post creating via the website

I’m integrating discourse into my app, and I would like to know if I could possibly disable posting new topics from the webui, and instead only allow them to be created via the API? I have several pieces of information that I want included in any new post which would come from the app, so the API seems like the best way to ensure they are included.

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You could hide buttons using CSS.

There’s no way to do this with permissions out of the box AFAIK. If users can log into the site using the same identity as the app, then they will have the same access rights to create and reply to topics.

Thanks Stephen, would css be added via a custom theme or plugin, or is there a place to inject css site wide? Still getting used to the platform but am really enjoying it so far!

You can customize theme css via /admin.

Users can disable the changes just by viewing the page source though.

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Thanks, not overly concerned about that, if they want to go through the effort it won’t cause any harm. They’ll just miss out on some of the features that will be relayed by the API post.

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Having trouble finding where to apply this, from searches it seems there should be a CSS/HTML section under customize when I am on an admin account, however its not listed for me.

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I’ve solved it, posting for anyone else who is as stupid as me :slight_smile:
the edit theme is an item in the theme itself, select the theme and its near the bottom.
Thanks for your help.


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