Disable reply option on every new topic users create


I have installed recenlty discourse and im not finding a way how to disable reply option by default with any kind of option, i want users to create topic only, but not to reply on it.

Please help me out

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Understanding groups and category permissions (security settings)

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I have check this point, but when you remove Reply option, it auto removes Create option too.

Interesting forum you have or are you using the Discourse platform for a different purpose than discussion?

Are you asking for every user having the right to Create topics but no-one can comment on them?

Is it not enough just give the rights to Create Topics to a limited set of users (who have the discipline not to reply) and everyone else just has read access?

btw, good to use search, this was already asked here:


Sorry, I misunderstood your use case. What is your use case?

You could hide the reply button with CSS, I imagine.

I fixed issue with this plugin.
Thanks for help anyway


posting this for reference if anyone else wants more info on the plugin:


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