Permissions in certain category

Is it possible to have posts in a certain category:

  • Allow everyone to create a post
  • Only allow author and staff to reply
  • Allow everyone to see posts - only author and staff can reply

Check settings of category >. Security. Then just allow what is needed to different groups.

Hi there,

I tried this, but when unchecking “everyone” to reply it automatically unallows everyone to create.
I need everyone to be able to create but only staff/author to reply while allowing everyone to view

You are right. Reading and answering goes, but reading and creating not. Strange.

Is this a bug, an accident or something that comes from the code? Hopefully somebody wiser knows the answer.

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There is no option to have everyone create topics, but only certain people to be able to reply.

You can have everyone see posts and a more restrictive group create and reply.

To allow anyone to create topics and limit who can reply would take a plugin, or if you’re not too worried about someone clever being able to bypass the system, a theme component could probably hide the reply button for some groups.

No there is not. But why? Everything else can be limited.

You can check out Discourse Private Replies which sort-of (but not quite) does what you want. You might be able to modify or pay someone to modify that plugin to do what you want.

I think that using a theme component to hide the reply buttons to all but staff and author might be an easier fix, but don’t know for sure.

@kyle_boyce @Jagster

This plugin may be helpful for you



As brittons say (in movies anyway): splendid indeed.

I don’t know what OP needs/wants, but this does exacly what I need.


@Jagster I’m glad to hear that it helps!