Disable the "Backup completed successfully" automatic PMs?

Other words, I want an option to disable this line:


My first question is why would you want to disable it? It is not an issue I have heard before.


These notification PMs are created for manual backups so… stop triggering manual backups? :wink:


In one of the sites that I manage, the backups are triggered about 8 times in a day. We started taking multiple backups since last 2 weeks. Since then the inbox is flooded with just these messages. And it has caused searching for other important messages in PM box impossible.

Previously, if I wanted to check someone’s PM, or previous PM conversation, all I had to do was check my PM box. Now, checking important PM’s has become tough because of these automated messages(for backup completion).

This is just a request. :slight_smile:
If this is implemented, its going to be great.

What I’d like is: a setting to enable/disable backup completion notification.

(For now, I’ve found a workaround, which is this: creating a dummy user account, and triggering the backups using that user account. This way, my main account won’t be receiving any automated notifications (for backup completion) and the main accounts PM box will be clean like before)