Is it possible to disable Discourse trust level notifications?


Users receive an email when their trust level rises with “Congratulations on your trust level promotion!” title. I want to disable these email notifications for trust level changes. It is possible? I am checked email templates but I can’t found anything about that notification.


Shouldn’t you keep it? It is there to motivate users to carry on parcitipating on your site.

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I am agree with you but I am using trust levels for a special need. I do not use it for its own purpose. So it makes no sense for users to get this mail in our private community. :slight_smile:

I think you’d need a plugin to override that notification.

If you don’t want or need them you could configure settings such that they don’t change. If you’re using them for something else, maybe, do whatever that is some other way?


Thank you for the answer @pfaffman.

If we cannot disable this notification e-mail, i am planning to change mail content as you said. This is an alternative solution. :slight_smile:

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I agree, this notification should be able to be disabled in the configuration.