Disable users list export?

(Karl Romanowski) #1

Is there a good way to disable the Export users feature for Moderators? And not just display:none on the UI? I’m OK trusting people to see individual emails if need be, but no one on the Moderators team needs one click access to a list of emails for every forum user. Logs aren’t enough here because as soon as they have that list the damage may already be done.

(Karl Romanowski) #2

One workaround I’ve found may be to just edit the system_messages.csv_export_succeeded email template so exclude the CSV download link. That with some CSS to hide the buttons may be enough.

(Karl Romanowski) #3

Turns out it’s not such a great workaround as it also disables the ‘Download all’ feature for regular users.

(Robert McIntosh) #4

This has now been added to core - Moderators no longer can download the user list. If they require it they will need to request this from admins

(Jeff Atwood) closed #5